Orland Park Residents Announce Candidacy for Village Board Under People Over Politics Banner

Sean Kampas, Joni Radaszewski, and Brian Riordan Are Running for Village Trustee and Constantine Lekas is Running for Clerk

Orland Park, IL– Today, Orland Park residents Sean Kampas, Joni Radaszewski, and Brian Riordan announced they are running for Village Trustee and Constantine “Gus” Lekas is running for Village Clerk in the April 2021 Consolidated Election. They are endorsed by Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau. Kampas, Radaszewski, Riordan, and Lekas are joining the People Over Politics team which was founded in 2019 by Trustees Healy, Katsenes and Milani. These candidates look to add depth to the People Over Politics mission and move the community forward under Mayor Pekau’s leadership.

In the coming weeks Kampas, Radaszewski, Riordan, and Lekas will announce a set of initiatives they will pursue to improve the lives of Orland Park residents and strengthen Orland Park businesses. These initiatives will further end the political gamesmanship that has persisted since Mayor Pekau’s election and slowed the Village’s progress on our roads, parks and other infrastructure; find ways to create efficiencies and cut taxes; and highlight plans to drive economic growth that will create good jobs and opportunities for all. The team of candidates are committed to helping our residents and businesses during these continued hard times because politics should not threaten peoples’ livelihoods.

During the election last week, Orland Park residents voted overwhelmingly, 88% to 12% for term limits on all Village of Orland Park elected officials, fulfilling Mayor Pekau’s campaign promise from four years ago. This April, voters will have their voice heard as these four political newcomers challenge incumbent politicians.

Candidates for Trustee Kampas, Radaszewski, Riordan, and Lekas released a joint statement:

“We have known for a while that we would be running for Trustee and Clerk this April, but the overwhelming support for term limits shows that residents of the Village of Orland Park are looking for fresh and bold ideas to move the community forward. We know that residents do not want political insiders and career politicians running the Village—they want residents  that will always put People Over Politics in Orland Park.”

Trustees Healy, Katsenes, and Milani released the following joint statement, “The Village Board functions best when we work together and we are confident that Sean, Joni, Brian, and Constantine will do just that. For that reason, we wholeheartedly endorse these fantastic candidates for the April 2021 election.

Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau said, “I hope the people of Orland Park are just as excited as I am to support Sean, Joni, Brian, and Constantine in their efforts to join the Village Board. They pledged to put an end to the political games and obstruction that have slowed our efforts to move Orland Park forward. They will bring new energy, new ideas and experience to give our board the fresh voices we need for the future. They have my strongest endorsement and support.”