Putting People Over Politics

As we continue to navigate the pandemic, we must confidently look to the future. Orland Park is one of the best places to live, work, and play in Illinois, and we’re working every day to keep it that way.

We are putting an end to the political games once and for all, restoring good government in Orland Park and focusing on doing the right thing for our residents and small businesses. We are leading our village through the COVID-19 pandemic with a balanced approach that protects lives and livelihoods. And we are continuing Orland Park’s forward momentum by driving economic development, cutting spending, lowering taxes, keeping our families safe and our neighborhoods secure, and improving our roads, infrastructure, and parks.

Because of our leadership, Orland Park is primed for success long into the future. We cannot afford to go back to the failures and political games of the past. Stand with us so we can continue to work cooperatively to move Orland Park forward. Vote for Keith Pekau for Mayor, Gus Lekas for Clerk, and Sean Kampas, Joni Radaszewski, and Brian Riordan for Trustee.

The 2021 People Over Politics Slate

Keith Pekau

Gus Lekas
Village Clerk

Sean Kampas
Village Trustee

Joni Radaszewski
Village Trustee

Brian Riordan
Village Trustee

Current People Over Politics Elected Officials

Michael R. Milani
Village Trustee

William R. Healy
Village Trustee

Cynthia Nelson Katsenes
Village Trustee