Trustee Cynthia Nelson Katsenes

Cynthia Nelson Katsenes

Cynthia Nelson Katsenes has been a resident of Orland Park for 30 years and grew up in neighboring Mokena.  She is married to Chris, an Orland Park attorney. They have 2 adult children, Kristin, a registered nurse and Katie, a high school science teacher.  Both children are graduates of Orland District 135, Carl Sandburg High School and the University of Illinois.

Cindy has a Bachelor of Arts (with Honors) in Communications from Governors State University in 2002.   She served as a Trustee for the Orland Fire Protection District from 2001 to 2007.  While serving as a Trustee she was also a Member of the Northern Alliance of Fire Protection Districts.  Cindy was a Board Member for the Mainstreet Organization of Realtors, serving on several different committees, including the Government Affairs Committee, during her tenure.

Cindy is a licensed real estate broker and has been assisting buyers and sellers in the Orland Park area since 1983. As a successful real estate broker, she understands the impact that property taxes and good government have on property values and on personal wealth.  She knows why people move their families to Orland Park and more importantly why they choose to stay.  She is committed to working on economic development (specifically the I80 corridor) and keeping property taxes low because she understands the direct positive correlation these issues have on our housing values.