Dear Orland Park Neighbor,

In local government, the best way to govern is in a non-partisan and non-political manner. That’s why I’m proudly supporting Mayor Keith Pekau for re-election.

I’m a former Orland Park Village Trustee and a proud Democrat that helped Dan McLaughlin run several of his campaigns.While Mayor Pekau and I might disagree on some national political issues, I have personally watched him work tirelessly for our veterans and for the people of Orland Park.  No one can deny that he puts the people of Orland Park first over politics.

In the past four years, Mayor Pekau led the Village of Orland Park through challenging times the likes of which I have never seen in the almost 40 years that I have lived here.  Through these challenges, the village has kept our families safe and neighborhoods secure, created jobs and lowered taxes for working families, and increased investment in our roads and parks that had been neglected for over a decade. 

Over the last four years, Mayor Pekau has restored good government in Orland Park. He stopped career politician Dan McLaughlin from spiking his pension by over $2 million. He kept his promise and led the charge to lower the mayor’s salary back down to $40,000 a year, making it a part-time position.

Mayor Pekau ran on a promise of delivering term limits. He delivered, putting term limits on the ballot for local elected officials to put an end to career politicians. Orland Park Residents clearly agreed, with 89% of us voting yes.

Under Mayor Pekau’s leadership, patronage has been eliminated and replaced with a public, transparent hiring process. He also led the way to increase transparency by making our board meetings accessible on video, shining a spotlight on decisions that had previously been made behind closed doors.

Under Mayor Keith Pekau, we have a new mindset and culture in our local government, one that’s always focused on doing what is right for you and me, the residents and small businesses of Orland Park. Now, our community leaders are working cooperatively to move Orland Park forward.

That’s why I’m urging you to join me in supporting Mayor Pekau and the People Over Politics team. They are stepping up to serve for the right reasons without personal agendas. Vote for Keith Pekau for Mayor, Gus Lekas for Clerk, and Sean Kampas, Joni Radaszewski, and Brian Riordan for Trustee.  Each of these candidates has my full support and I encourage you to go to to learn more about the People Over Politics team.


Tom Dubelbeis